Window Curtains of Woven

Product Name: Window Curtains of Woven
Product Specifications: 1.85M, 2.50M, 3.00M, 3.20M
Weight: 480g (± 20) gsm
* Woven curtain fabric is a new high-grade fabric, using the most advanced high-quality glass substrate and the special treatment of environmental PVC, and achieving RoHS environmental standards. At the recommended ambient temperature, it can still maintain good ductility and recoverability. 100% shielding provides complete privacy and optimal thermal insulation effect for the construction, creating comfortable office and home environment.
Application: The product is widely used in high-end hotels, office buildings, offices, high-end residential areas and hospitals.

Items Test Result  Test Method
Composition 1 ply 100% Polyester  3 ply Plasticized PVC
Weight (GSM) 480g/m±5% GB/T4669-2008
Tensile Strength
L 1430N,W 1300N DIN53354:1981
Tearing Strength
L 180N, W 160N DIN53363:2003
Openness Factor BLOCKOUT FZ/T01009-2008
Abrasion Resistance 〉10000 ASTM D4966
Light Fastness 7 GB/T8427-2008/ ISO 105 B02/ ATCC
FR Certification B2(Oxygen.Index≥27mm)/NFPA701/M2 GB 50222-95/ NFPA701/ NFP92-503
Width 1.85M/2.5M/3.00M/3.20M

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