White Projection Film

Product Name: White Projection Film
Item: UTM001
Introduction: The white projection film is composed of two layers of flame-retardant white PVC. The PVC treated by special process has no odor and no discoloration. The special coating on the surface of the fabric can greatly enhance picture’s image clarity, and it is ideal for LCD projector. The white projection film is anti-UV, anti-static, washable, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, long-term use, non-sticky, and non-aging.
Recommended Working Temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Width: 2.2M/3.2M
Application: Fixed Frame Screen, Auto-masking Fixed Frame Screen, Tensioned Motorized Screen, Quick Fold Screen, etc.
Function: The brightness, cleanness, and smoothness of the fabric surface can effectively eliminate glare and make the picture more vivid and perfect. The view angle is 110 (L&R 55 ) and the gain is 1.0. The flame resistance is in accordance with GB17591-2006 B2, STC, Europe M2, etc. The fabric is Cleanable, anti-static and anti-mildew. The fabric stretches vertically and has no turned edge or lines made by folding. Besides, the fabric will not turn yellow.