Truck Side Curtain

Product Name: Truck Side Curtain
Product Specification: 1000*1000D/23*23, 1000*1000D/30*30, etc.
Weight (GSM): 750G, 900G, etc.
Product Features:
* Truck tarpaulin is specially developed for the European and American markets, with high tear strength, good elastic strength and firmness.
* It can print large-scale advertisements required by customers, and can reduce the weight of the body, reduce transportation costs and save oil costs.
* It is very convenient to load and unload goods from different directions of the carriage, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.
* The polyvinyl chloride can be treated to have certain properties such as flame retardant and self-cleaning to satisfy customers’ special requests.
Application: Our products are widely used in truck side curtain.