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Product Name: Building Membrane (Membrane Structure)Product Specification: 1000*1000D/20*20; 1000*1000D/23*23; 1000*1000D/30*30, etc.
Weight (GSM): 800G, 900G, 1050G, 1300G, etc.
Product Features:
*Good Physical And Mechanical Properties: The base fabric is woven with high-strength and low-shrinkage industrial polyester yarn. The service life is over 10 years, and the product can still maintain 75% tensile strength.
*Good Self-Cleaning, Anti-Mildew and Anti-Ultraviolet: The product is added with biological anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent and other additives. The product can be surface treated by PVDF or acrylic according to customer’s requirements, and has good anti-pollution property.
*A Wide Variety of Colors: In addition to the conventional white, it can also produce red, gray, blue and other colors to meet the needs of different occasions.
*Excellent Flame Retardant Performance: According to the special needs of customers and application sites, it can reach China B1 standard or European M2 standard.
*Good Welding Performance: In addition to the PVDF surface treatment products need to be welded by grinding; all other products have very good welding performance.
Application: Our products are used for large stadium, park, airport and theater.

                      Base Fabric
Test Method
Weight (GSM) 800 900 1050 1300 DIN53352
Tensile Strength
L 2500 2600 2800 4000 DIN53354
W 2200 2400 2700 3500
Tearing Strength
L 230 280 300 520 DIN53363
W 210 260 290 450
Adhesion (N) 100 100 100 100 DIN53357
Light Fastness
(Except White)
FR Certification B1/B2/M1/M2/NFPA-701/DIN75200/ASTM D1230
Lacquering 3555 (Acrylic)/3483 (Acrylic)/7584 (PVDF)
                                                     All our Technical Characteristics are Referential. 

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