Massive Selection for Indoor Swimming Pool Covers - Sunscreen – UNEED

Product Name: Sunscreen
Product Specification: 2.0M, 2.50M, 3.0M
Thickness: 0.5MM
*The product uses advanced PVC+PET+ polymer composite modified materials with the following permanent features: fire retardant, stability/tensile strength, heat insulation, durability, easy maintenance and energy saving. The wrinkle-free polyester sunscreen fabric dramatically reduces solar radiation and isolates the sun, creating a comfortable environment.

Items Test Result  Test Method
Composition 30% Polyester,70% PVC
Thickness (MM) 0.50MM±5% FZ/T01003-1991
Tensile Strength
L 2580N,W 2300N DIN53354:1981
Tearing Strength
L 330N, W 320N DIN53363:2003
Openness Factor 3% FZ/T01009-2008
Abrasion Resistance 〉10000 ASTM D4966
Light Fastness 7 GB/T8427-2008/ ISO 105 B02/ ATCC
FR Certification B2 (Oxygen Index)≥27mm)/NFPA701/M2 GB 50222-95/ NFPA701/ NFP92-503
Width 2M/2.5M/3.0M