Hot-selling Fire Retardant Curtain - DWF – UNEED

Products Name: DWF
Product Description: DWF is based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with speed increasing agent, anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives. It is plasticized by high temperature.
Product Features:
*Good tensile and tearing strength, good adhesion, high peel strength and strong composite fastness
*Fire resistance, waterproof, cold resistant (-30 ~ +70 ° C), anti-static, anti-radiation, and anti-UV
Application: The product is widely used in inflatable boats, kayak, inflatable skateboards, inflatable toys, lifeboats, advertising cloth, water and underwater sports equipment, etc.

Item Specification
Base Cloth Yarn (Denier) 500 D
Connecting Yarn (Denier) 500 D
Coating Material PVC
Total Weight (GSM) 2600/+-10%
Thickness (MM) Upper Side 1.05/+-0.03
Lower Side 1.05/+-0.03
Height (CM) 5/8/10/12/15/20/30
Tensile Strength (CM) Upper Side 1100/1100
Lower Side 2100/2403
Tensil (N) Connecting Yarn 254/185
Elongation Upper Side 30%
Lower Side 30%
Tearing Strength (N) Upper Side 750/785
Lower Side 780/780
Tearing Strength (N) Both Layers 700/800
Peeling Strength (N/3CM) Upper Side 120/113 
Lower Side 110/127 
Width (Meter) UP to 2.1M