300D White Projection Fabric

Product Name: 300D White Projection Fabric
Item: UTM007
Introduction: It is made of three layers, that is, white &black PVC with a high-strength and low contractibility terylene fabric between them. After being treated by special technologies, all the PVC materials are free from extraneous odour and colour change.
Recommended working temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Width: 1.85-3.2M
Function: Motorized Screen, Manual Screen, Tripod Screen, Floor Standing Screen, etc.
Function: It has good brightness and visual effect. The naturalness, clearness and the softness of the image do eyes protection good. The surface can be cleaned and the fabric is anti-mildew and anti-static. The view angle is 100 (L&R 50 ) and the gain is 1.1. The flame resistance is in accordance with GB17591-2006 B2. The fabric stretches vertically and has no turned edge or lines made by folding. Besides, the fabric will not turn yellow.